Dr. Zulk Shamsuddin, AMC®, CORM, CIPT,  MPM®,  Accredited Management Consultant®  AAPM® Fellow   

info@gafm.com.my     (60) 11 1536 5115

Dr. Zulk Shamsuddin is a Certified Trainer and Speaker for the GAFM® Global Academy of Finance and Management, and The American Academy of Project Management (AAPM).  He has experience in information technology, management, data analytics, and e-business. He has achieved a Doctorate of Philosophy in Information Technology Management, a Master of Science in Project Management and a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. He has industry experience in consulting and project management within the following sectors: Consultancy; Banking & Financial Services; Technology; and Engineering. He has had commercial experience within the following countries: Indonesia; Thailand; The Philippines; Malaysia and Singapore. Dr. Shamsuddin has delivered numerous AAPM® professional certification programs to individuals representing suppliers of PROTON for its enterprise-wide transformation program that includes operational risk management, supply chain management, and project management certifications. Chartered Project Engineer,  Certified International Project Manager, Chartered  Planning Engineer, Registered Facilities Manager, Certified Project Risk Manager certification programs were offered as instructor-led courses and some of the selected courses are being offered via online certifications.  Dr. Shamsuddin is the author of several books distributed by many retailers that include Amazon, Kindle, Noble, and others.   Dr. Shamsuddin is the honorary global advisory member of the GAFM® Global Academy of Finance and Management, certified trainer and speaker for AAPM® American Academy of Project Management, HRDF-Certified Trainer, Chartered Member of the British Computer Society, senior Risk Management Consultant and Trainer for Appleton Greene & Co.

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