The GAFM Offers Top Level Certifications in Key Areas:

  • Project Management Certification
  • Financial Analyst Certification
  • Financial Planner Certification
  • Management Consultant
  • Risk Manager Certification
  • Wealth Management Certification
  • e-Commerce Certification
  • Trust and Estates Certification
  • Accounting Charter Certification
  • Economics Charter Certification
  • Business Charter Certification
  • Quality Charter Certification
  • Human Resources Charter Certification

GAFM ACADEMY provides certification training programs for several strategic professional domains including project management, risk management, facilities management, human resources management, information technology, data science, and business analysis.  Some of the online certifications are available as corporate training. 
Chartered level certifications are specifically offered for individual with engineering degree and with 3 years relevant industry experience. Certifications relevant for engineers include Chartered Project Engineer, Chartered Planning Engineer, Chartered Systems Engineer, Chartered Test Engineer, Chartered Production Engineer.
The certification workshop runs from 3 to 7 days in a classroom setting with an examination that is usually conducted at the end of the training program.



You may be in the same predicament with other professionals who need to get certified however unable to do so due to constraints of time and cost.  GAFM ACADEMY provides the online certification facilities that allow an individual to study at their own pace and  take the online examination when they are ready.  You plan your study schedule, there is no time limit to work your way toward the open book examination.  One of the primary benefits of this approach is the lower cost to get the certification, the flexibility to take the exam at anytime, and whichever convenient place of your choice.


We have made the certification process a lot simpler.  You can now purchase any of the relevant books that you need to get certified.  These books are available on Lulu,  Apple iBookstore, Amazon, and other international retail stores.  Follow the instructions provided and you should get yourself certified in a few easy steps.   

Visit here for a summary listing of these books.


GAFM ACADEMY envisage the importance of certification for postgraduates to land their first job, we will guide to prepare them for the challenges ahead via strategic collaboration with Universities / Colleges.  Our experienced trainers from the industry will conduct training in their final semester so the students will graduate with a degree and a certified credential from The American Academy of Project Management, or from the Global Academy of Finance and Management.   This is available only for universities that are accredited with ACBSP / AACSB. 



GAFM ACADEMY in association with ZULK Consulting provides  Project Management Consulting services, and Risk Management Consulting services.  Your staff may not have the necessary skills in project management, neither do they have any knowledge on risk management.  Through our structured training methodology, your resources will work alongside our consultants to deliver the project. They will learn the project management  techniques and processes and apply ready made project documentation and reporting  templates  while working on a live project.  

GAFM® Academy Digital Certification Services provides you with Quality, Simplicity, Speed, and Value.


GAFM Academy and Certification Standards Body is accredited by the TUV Austria which is a government recognized accreditation body in the European Union. The GAFM® International Board of Standards is the first certification body in the world to achieve accreditation for ISO 29990 Certification Training and Education. 


The GAFM Academy Digital Certification Services (DCS) is so easy to use. We shall provide you with a digital copy of the study reference guide in the form of an eBook. Read it anywhere, at any time using any eBook Reader. The content of this book is based upon the industry practice focusing on the key processes that are relevant for an individual to enhance their skills and to pass in the examination.  Take the exam online when you’re ready.


You decide your pace, the sooner you get certified the better your career path will be.

Register today and complete the entire course including examination in 2 weeks.



GAFM Academy Digital Certification Services offers top value for your investment.  It cost you within 20 – 30% of the standard classroom certification course, saves you both time and cost.  GAFM Academy Digital Certification Services include your personal copy of the course study notes, examination fee, two years membership with GAFM® / AAPM®, worldwide verifiable certification database, and shipping. Upgrade your professional career leveraging on GAFM or AAPM certifications. 

GAFM CHEA International Quality Group Membership is listed as “International Board of Standards”. 

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