Role of a Contract Administrator

In the construction industry, the Contract Administrator is the individual responsible for administering the construction standard contracts. The Contract Administrator may be the project architect, but could also be the lead consultant, the cost consultant, a specialist consultant, a client representative or employer’s agent, the project manager or an engineer. On a construction management contract, the role of Contract Administrator might be attributed to the construction manager, and on management contracts the management contractor will perform the role of Contract Administrator.

Contract Administrators are appointed by the client, but when certifying or giving an assessment or decision, they should act honestly and reasonably and their decisions are open to challenge via the dispute resolution procedure unless the contract makes their decisions final and conclusive.

The Contract Administrator’s role will generally include:

  • Inviting and processing tenders.
  • Preparing contract documents for execution.
  • Administrating change control procedures.
  • Seeking instructions from the client in relation to the contract.
  • Issuing instructions such as variations, or relating to prime cost sums or making good defects.
  • Considering claims.
  • Chairing construction progress meetings.
  • Preparing and issuing construction progress reports.
  • Co-ordinating and instructing site inspectors.
  • Agreeing commissioning and testing procedures.
  • Agreeing defects reporting procedures.
  • Ensuring that project documentation is issued to the client.
  • Issuing certificates of practical completion and interim certificates.
  • Collating and issuing schedules of defects.
  • Issuing the certificate of making good defects.
  • Issuing the final certificate.

Certified Master Contract Administrator ™ CMCA

The Certified Master Contract Administrator (CMCA) credential is a gold-standard certification that demonstrates the attainment of a defined level of technical knowledge in contract administration, professional practice, and ethical behavior.  It forms the basis of the assessment that candidates must pass to gain Certified Master Contract Administrator status and inclusion in the Register of The American Academy of Project Management® Certified / Chartered Professional. Individuals with several years of experience in contract management are encouraged to acquire this certification.  A guide book shall assist candidates to pass in the CMCA examination besides providing a valuable source of reference for a Contract Manager/Administrator to excel toward becoming an accredited Certified Master Contract Administrator. Take the challenges ahead with our exclusive Certified Master Contract Administrator ™ certification.

Study method: Self-paced learning style with the aid of a Guide book.  

Requirements:   i)  Degree in project Management /Civil engineer or Construction Engineering           ii) 3 years as a Contract Administrator or similar role           iii)  Pass the CMCA examination 

HOW TO APPLY: To qualify for the Certified Master Contract Administrator (CMCA) ™ certification, you need to complete the following steps:

  1. Complete the Mandatory Candidate Information (MCI) 
  2. Complete the payment upon receipt of the invoice  (Payment via debit/credit/Paypal is accepted)
  3. Take the exam when you’re ready

Examination: email to request the examination questions when you are ready to take the exam.  Examination comprised of 50 questions; Passing grade is 70%.

Course fee:   Includes Certified Master Contract Administrator (CMCA) certificate, membership, examination fee, and shipping. 

Mandatory Candidate Information : please include the Title of the Certification Course that you wish to apply in the subject line when submitting the following information and attach a latest copy of your C.V. email to 

1) Full Name:    2) Shipping Address:      3) Name on Certificate:     4) Mobile number:

The AAPM AMERICAN ACADEMY OF PROJECT MANAGEMENT ® is  the first graduate global Board of Standards for project management industry professionals to earn Accreditation under the TUV-OE European Standards for ISO 9001 Certification and ISO 29990 Certification. AAPM is also a chartered member of the CHEA  Council for Higher Education Accreditation – International Quality Group (CHEA/CIQG) Memorandum of Affiliation is designed to engage quality assurance and accrediting organizations in a shared effort to affirm and promote fundamental principles for higher education and quality.

Who is eligible to apply:  Individual with experience as a contract administrator or contract management.


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