The GAFM® Offers Top Level Certifications in Key Areas:

  • Project Management Certification
  • Financial Analyst Certification
  • Financial Planner Certification
  • Management Consultant
  • Risk Manager Certification
  • Wealth Management Certification
  • e-Commerce Certification
  • Trust and Estates Certification
  • Accounting Charter Certification
  • Economics Charter Certification
  • Business Charter Certification
  • Quality Charter Certification
  • Human Resources Charter Certification

GAFM® Digital Certification is the exclusive online certification services available to qualified individual who needs to acquire the professional certifications accredited by The Global Academy of Finance and Management GAFM® or The American Academy of Project Management® AAPM®.  GAFM® 3-step Digital Certification services provides the qualified individual with top Value certification in addition to Quality, Simplicity, and Speed that will assist qualified individuals to secure their desired credentials within budget and time.

The Global Academy of Finance and Management GAFM® credential is a professional accredited certification that demonstrates the attainment of a defined level of technical knowledge, professional practice, and ethical behavior. It forms the basis of the assessment that applicants must pass to gain Certified/Chartered status and inclusion in the Register of The Global Academy of Finance and Management GAFM® Certified / Chartered Professional.  The Study Reference Guide in the form of an eBook (will be given free) shall guide you to pass in the  examination besides providing a valuable source of reference to support your current role. Take the challenges ahead with the accredited The Global Academy of Finance and Management GAFM® OR The American Academy of Project Management® certification.

Benefits of becoming a Certified/Chartered Professional

  • Personal recognition from your peers in project management and other professions.
  • Enhanced CV to stand out in the job market.
  • Get recruiters attention and filter candidates with certification 
  • A framework for the development of your career.
  • International recognition.
  • Assurance for clients of high standards and ethical practice.
  • Use of the post nominal on your business card or C.V. 
  • Increased understanding, helping you to work more effectively.

Click on the following titles for details of the subjects/topics discussed in the book associated with the certification course.  NOTE: The digital books are provided FREE as part of the certification package.  Should you need to purchase only the book, visit  Lulu book store  OR iBookstore   Barnes&Noble      SCRIBD      Bookmate       AMAZON    FNAC      Lehmanns       RAKUTEN        Walmart     

 GAFM Academy is the accredited certification provider for The American Academy of Project Management®, and the Global Academy of Finance and Management®. The GAFM® and AAPM® credential is a professional benchmark that demonstrates the attainment of a defined level of technical knowledge in strategic domain expertise, professional practice, and ethical behavior. It forms the basis of the assessment that an individual must pass to gain certified/chartered status and inclusion in the Register of The Global Academy of Finance and Management ® Certified / Chartered Professional.

GAFM® Digital Certification Services provides you with Quality, Simplicity, Speed, and Value.


GAFM Academy and Certification Standards Body is accredited by the TUV Austria which is a government recognized accreditation body in the European Union. The GAFM® International Board of Standards is the first certification body in the world to achieve accreditation for ISO 29990 Certification Training and Education. 


The GAFM Academy Digital Certification Services (DCS) is so easy to use. We shall provide you with a digital copy of the study reference guide in the form of an eBook. Read it anywhere, at any time using any eBook Reader. The content of this book is based upon the industry practice focusing on the key processes that are relevant for an individual to enhance their skills and to pass in the examination.  Take the exam online when you’re ready.


Take the online examination when you’re ready!

You decide your pace.

The sooner you get certified the better your career path will be.

GAFM® Digital Certification Services offers top value for your investment.  Huge cost savings of at least 70% of the standard classroom certification course, significant savings in both time and cost.  GAFM Academy Digital Certification Services include your personal copy of the course study notes, examination fee, two years membership with GAFM® / AAPM®, worldwide verifiable certification database, and shipping. Upgrade your professional career leveraging on GAFM or AAPM certifications. 


STEP 1: Email your C.V or Resume to Certification Manager   indicating the certification title in the subject heading.  We will conduct preliminary assessment, you will receive a response within 48 hours if you qualify. 

STEP 2:  A secure link to pay the certification fees will be sent to your email address.  You can choose to make payment via credit/debit card.  If you do not have one, you have the option to make payment via internet banking.  Banking details will be provided upon request.  

STEP 3:  Take the exam when you’re ready. 


How to acquire any of these certifications?   Refer to this page for details.  

How do I study?   An eBook will be provided, questions will be based on the information in this ebook.

How long is the duration of study?  There is no timeline, you decide what is best for you.

How do I take the exam?  When you’re ready to take the exam, kindly email us to request for the examination questions.

When will I know the result of the exam?  Within 72 hours

What happens if I failed in the first attempt?  You can request to re-sit the exam.

Will there be any additional cost to re-sit in the exam?  No additional cost

When will I get the certification documents?  Within 4 to 5 weeks from the date of passing the examination.

What is the validity period of the certification?   Two years

What is the validity period of the membership with GAFM® or AAPM®   Two years

Does GAFM® conduct the examination?  GAFM® accredited training providers conduct assessment of candidate’s application for certification which include examination.  GAFM® professional body issue the certification documents to successful candidates and registration of candidates in the central database for verification purposes.

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