Dr. Zulk Shamsuddin, AMC®, CIPT, MPM®  Fellow AAPM®  GAFM®

Accredited Management Consultant

Chartered International Professional Trainer 

Hon. Global Advisory Member, AAPM® GAFM®

Dr. Zulk is an Accredited Management Consultant®, a Chartered International Professional Trainer with over 30 years of experience in IT project and program management in banking/financial services and leading technology companies. Dr. Zulk is a professional trainer, delivering certification training programs associated with project management, risk management, quality management, and custom-designed courses titled Risk Management for IT Projects since 2005. Dr. Zulk is an HRDF-Certified Trainer (A department within the Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia) since 2012 and conferred as AAPM certified trainer since 2009. During his leisure time, Dr. Zulk spends time writing books. He is now the author of over 59 books associated with professional certifications. Dr. Zulk books are available in digital and hard copy versions across leading international retailers worldwide. Dr. Zulk is an Honorary Global Advisory member of The American Academy of Project Management, a Certified Trainer, and Speaker for the GAFM® Global Academy of Finance and Management. His experience includes IT Software Engineering, Project Management, and IT Systems Engineering in Banking & Financial Services, Technology, and Engineering sector. Over 15 years of experience in training and coaching, he has delivered specialized training and certifications within the following countries: the United States, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Jordan, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia. His past experiences include top technology companies: Oracle, IBM, HP, NEC, SAP, Fujitsu, and several commercial retail banks. He left MIMOS as a Technical Director for Central Engineering overseeing the entire IT computing facilities and IT services.

  • Chartered International Professional Trainer (USA)
  • Accredited Management Consultant
  • Master Project Manager
  • Certified Operational Risk Manager
  • Certified Project Risk Manager
  • Certified Project Director (IAPPM)
  • Accredited Professional Trainer, AAPM,  GAFM
  • Certified Trainer, HRDF  (Malaysia)
  • Hon. Global Advisory Council Member,  AAPM  & GAFM
  • Chartered IT Professional, BCS