Dr. Zulk Shamsuddin, AMC®, CIPT, MPM®  Fellow AAPM®  GAFM®

Accredited Management Consultant

Chartered International Professional Trainer 

Hon. Global Advisory Member, AAPM® GAFM®

Dr. Zulk is an Accredited Management Consultant®, a Chartered International Professional Trainer with over 30 years of experience in IT project and program management in banking/financial services and leading technology companies. Dr. Zulk is a professional trainer, delivering certification training programs associated with project management, risk management, quality management, and custom-designed courses titled Risk Management for IT Projects since 2005. Dr. Zulk is a HRDF-Certified Trainer (A department within the Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia) since 2012 and conferred as AAPM certified trainer since 2009. During his leisure time, Dr. Zulk spends time writing where he is now the author of over 45 books associated with professional certifications. Dr. Zulk books are available in digital and hard copy versions across leading international retailers worldwide. Dr. Zulk is an Honorary Global Advisory member of The American Academy of Project Management, a Certified Trainer and Speaker for the GAFM® Global Academy of Finance and Management. His experience includes IT Software Engineering, Project Management, and IT Systems Engineering in Banking & Financial Services, Technology, and Engineering sector. Over 15 years of experience in training and coaching, he has delivered specialized training and certifications within the following countries: the United States, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Jordan, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia. His past experiences include top technology companies: Oracle, IBM, HP, NEC, SAP, Fujitsu, and several commercial retail banks. He left MIMOS as a Technical Director for Central Engineering overseeing the entire IT computing facilities and IT services.

  • Chartered International Professional Trainer (USA)
  • Accredited Management Consultant
  • Master Project Manager
  • Certified Operational Risk Manager
  • Certified Project Risk Manager
  • Certified Project Director (IAPPM)
  • Accredited Professional Trainer, AAPM,  GAFM
  • Certified Trainer, HRDF  (Malaysia)
  • Hon. Global Advisory Council Member,  AAPM  & GAFM
  • Chartered IT Professional, BCS

Brief of DESCRIPTION of myself and a short introduction of my company.

I’m an accredited management consultant, speaker, mentor, educator, project consultant, author, software consultant, and strategic business consultant with over 30 years of experience in information technology, e-commerce, and e-business projects.  I’m the founder and CEO of GAFM Academy, the accredited Certification Training Provider for the Global Academy of Finance and Management ® and The American Academy of Project Management. My passion is working with individuals who aspire to create excellence in their life, whether at work, at home, or in their community. 



How did you start this company? 

The vast majority of individuals started their careers working with a company primarily to earn an income to support themselves and to acquire the necessary work experience. I am no exception. I have worked with several leading technology companies, being an employee, and always reporting to someone is not in my book of successful professional. You worked to enrich other people!

No matter how much you earned, you are just a number waiting to be terminated when you are no longer contributing to the company as aged catches up on you.  Your past achievements do not guarantee your position in the company you have long served.  A common example is when the company undertook a restructuring process as a result of changes in corporate strategy or business transformation exercise. A voluntary separation package is a normal practice, you will not be sparred.  I need to change the way I live, my lifestyle, and my plan. I just need to take the first step forward. Nobody is going to be with you, it’s all about your inner strength to face the world with your super brain that God has given you.

On source of INSPIRATION, what drives you?

Some of us are inspired by someone that has made an impact on society.  Others were inspired by unexpected events that triggered and changed their lives. I need to make a difference like how the founder of the iPhone made an impact on the global society. I need to do something that will impact every individual on this planet.  Every individual needs to excel in their career where they need a specialized qualification to validate their experience. Certification is the only option available to get recognized in your chosen field of interest. Experience without certification is like having a boat full of payload but without an engine to take you to a better place. The payload here represents your work experience and the engine represents the certification. If your work experiences are related to digital marketing, and your goal is to become a digital marketing professional, then you need to take up a certification in digital marketing.

What were the CHALLENGES?

To change the mindset of professionals, generation X and Y is the greatest challenge. Mostly contented in their current job, they attended training that is sufficient to support their current role that assures their employment status. Anything else is not required until they realize that their job is under threat. It’s natural to have a reactive mindset as they belong to a group that represents a large proportion of the working population in any country. Proactive individuals are the ones who are going to succeed when the employment landscape changes unexpectedly.

What is your definition of SUCCESS?

I do not see success being measured based on how much money or asset one has. My definition of success is when a person’s contribution has made a positive impact on society. When you have imparted your knowledge to an individual and provided the guidance until the individual succeeded in acquiring the certification, this is still not considered a success.  It is after the individual has increased his/her standard of living, then I can consider this as a success. I have made a positive impact on many individuals via my certification program.

What does a STRATEGIST do?

A strategist is a person with responsibility for the formulation and implementation of a strategy. Strategy generally involves defining goals, determining and planning actions to achieve the goals, and mobilizing resources to execute the plan. Strategists are Intuitive people that are always thinking and analyzing. Strategists are very deep and abstract. They are complex on the inside and see endless possibilities. Strategists are thinkers that make decisions with their head.

What is the best ADVICE you need to share?

Live each day with courage. Take pride in your work. Accomplish your goals.  

What can you see in the coming future of CAREERS for young adults?

Adults in the early ages of 24 onward need to think about a career in agricultural, hospitality and tourism, digital marketing, information technology, green technology. In the next ten years,  businesses are going to flourish in these sectors, demands for qualified professionals will increase.

What is your best MESSAGE to young adults out there?

Get certified as soon as you’ve acquired 3 or more years of working experience. Once you’ve acquired a Diploma or Bachelor’s degree, try to secure a job. Do not try to get a Master’s degree or Ph.D. unless you want to work as a lecturer or work in a research laboratory. It is not a wise decision just because you cannot get a job or you have been offered a scholarship to further studies, you decide to proceed with the Master’s degree program.  A large number of youths proceed to further their studies because they could not get a job, not a wise decision because you ended up competing with graduates with working experience when you start applying for a job after graduation. You will certainly lose out. Graduates with TVET hands-on practical learning experience, with industry experience and certification, get shortlisted first, next are university graduates with certification and experience, third comes the fresh graduates without certification, and finally, you having a Master’s degree without experience and certification. Of course, this is not the case if you intend to work in the government sector where the salary is not what you expected.


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