Certification Make the Difference

certification make the difference

Certification will differentiate you from the crowd, from thousands of applications eyeing on that single job opening, your profile stands tall above the rest! You will be asking yourself – what makes you so special?  How does a single piece of paper make a difference? What about the bachelor’s degree certificate?  Some of the candidates are better than you but why aren’t they shortlisted?  Read on to learn more. I’d like to share the secrets in getting certified even though you don’t have the experience particularly when you are chasing after your first job right after graduation. For an individual with experience, the job hunt will be a lot easier, continue reading.

What is the objective of getting a job? To earn some money, buy things, lead a lifestyle, make more money, vacation, the list goes on. We also need to put some money aside for education, not just for our kids but for ourselves. I used to attend numerous training courses, they are just a certificate of attendance or completion. There is no assessment, so it does not carry weight when I submitted a job application. Back then to earn certification is not that costly, but because of the depreciation of our currency, the cost keeps escalating. We want to keep the cost down despite the struggling currency that we have no control of. Someday we will leave this planet, when we leave this beautiful planet at least we have helped many individuals to acquire professional certification at an affordable price, a price that nobody has ever thought that it is possible. We want to make this affordable for everyone, the choice is yours… you can spend a few thousand dollars to earn the certification. A friend sitting next to you at the office is paying only a few hundred dollars for the same certificate, i.e. from the same professional body/organization.  You get to use the cost-savings for vacation, why waste it on a training company? 

Of course, in-house or instructor-led classroom programs cost more, trainers cost, facilities, materials, and other expenses. Some of the training companies throw in lunch and snacks in between lectures that adds up to the cost.  If your objective is just to earn the certification, knowing that you have the necessary qualification and experience but you don’t have the time to attend the class, the only option is to take it online (or the digital method) since we now live in the digital age. Everything is about the Internet.  You’re on your smart phone because of the Internet. That is why most of the certification courses that offer only classroom settings are expensive.  The other requirements for certification is that you need to have at least a degree with some working experience to qualify.  If you do not have working experience then it is highly unlikely you will be offered to sit for any certification courses.  If you have the ambition to work abroad, You need to possess at least one accredited and globally recognized certification to apply for jobs abroad being the US, Europe, or elsewhere. If you don’t have this, it is highly unlikely that you will get your application shortlisted. Although some job advertisement do not mention about certification, that is because they need as many applicants to apply so their database will grow, they will probably sell the data to other recruiters or other e-commerce establishments too.  

You may think that since you have secured a job, getting certified is optional, think again when you are out of job for whatever reasons, retrenchment, corporate downsizing, office politics, et cetera then you start to feel the pressure to secure another job. Competition is intense out there, connections come handy but not everyone has strong cable these days. When you look at job adverts, although they did not explicitly mention that you must be certified to apply for the job opening, they do filter candidates based on these criteria when it comes to shortlisting thousands of candidates. So you are left out of the opportunity to compete in the job marketplace! Then you start rushing to get certified.  Its a little too late brother / sister !

Certification is really a small investment, recently a candidate who has obtained a certification as a Certified Planning Engineer (CPE) was offered a better job within three months after he secured the title CPE. He recovered the investment in a very short time. The additional salary he obtained has covered the cost of his investment in obtaining the certification in just under 2 months. If he did not make this move, he wouldn’t have landed a new job with a much better salary package.  Spent only a few hundred dollars and get additional income of 50% more than the current salary, what more do you want?  In some countries this fee may seem a little high due to the weakness of the currency, while others it is fairly reasonable, and to a select few it is dirt cheap. My advise is .. please do not do the conversion into your local currency. If you’re on a vacation in London, do you convert into your local currency every time you make a purchase? You walk into KFC and start converting into your local currency for every single meal before you decide to order? Give me a break!

Check the certification fee for an instructor-led classroom course in your country after you convert in USD and then compare against our digital certification fee.  Please compare apple to apple, ensure that the certification course is legitimate and internationally accredited before you make the comparison!  


       When there are thousands of professionals with strong international certifications behind them, the country can position its resources to promote products and services abroad with less resistance. Of course, the certifications must be recognized internationally, it must be accredited programs and not any organization that self-accredited their courses!  Please beware that they use the term “Certified” in their promotional advertisement to get your attention. They are not representing a professional body that is recognized via an independent entity!  They issue the certificate with the title “Certified” … Which professional body accredited this certificate?  Please ask them.  Do your research, Google is your best companion!  If they are recognized by AACSB or ACBSP, then that is great.  They always advertise their courses using the word “Certified ….”  but in reality it is just a preparation course for you to sit in the examination.  So you ended up paying a lot more because the exam fees is not included.  Why? Because they are not authorised to conduct the examination!   Some of them even worse .. “Certified” being used in the title of the course and the certificate issued by themselves ! What a joke!

How about quality? Are they ISO certified training company?  If they are just associated with some of the famous professional bodies but they issue their own certification, then this is pure fake certificate!  They are using the professional body to portray that they are a recognized training institution.  They publish all the famous logos of that professional bodies on their web sites to gain your confidence that they are delivering  the certification courses that are associated with these professional bodies. Their advertisements look so real that most people bought their fake certification training programs.  They continue to do so since you’re blinded by the lights. Beware of these fake training companies!  

There are many organizations, for example, there could be a facilities management institute established in your country, they issue their own certification. Of course this could be regulated and supported by the government in your country, it does not mean that the certificates will earn the same recognition worldwide. This is only recognized in your own home country and most likely not recognized internationally.  Unless they have the appropriate international accreditation body that recognized their certificates. Ask these tough questions, are you accredited by any international organization/body?  It’s about being recognized internationally is what counts. A certificate that you earn must be recognized in at least 50 countries!  Then you’re qualified to apply for jobs in the global marketplace. Otherwise, just stay in your country and forget about migrating to Canada, United States, Europe, et cetera. 

Certification courses offered by some training organization in your country are authorized to conduct only exam preparation courses. Examination fee that cost between USD 500 – 700 needs to be paid separately. To make matters worse, after completion of these prep courses the examination needs to be taken elsewhere. You will incur additional cost associated with travelling and accommodation expenses. 


Recently I stumbled upon a CEO of a company, he is over 70. I will refer him as Mr. NA that stands for “Negative Attitude”. We were talking about youth development and the depressing state of our tertiary education system. The Degree courses offered by some of the public universities are not relevant because of the mismatch between the industry’s skills requirement and the graduate’s knowledge that they collected over the three years while in college/university. The short 3 months internship program in the final semester did not help either. What went wrong? I asked Mr. NA about his views. Mr. NA is connected to some politicians, his views are those that support the government. NA commented that if we change the current curriculum, the impact on the entire education system particularly the higher institution will be devastating. He continued saying “At my age, I’m already heading to the grave, why do I care?” Think about it guys … Who runs the government education system with reference to policies? (of course the Politician). Why our children still carry several kilos/pounds of books to school today? Are we still in the 20th century? With the advancement in digital technology, networks, database, cloud computing, video conferencing, and many others … the primary and secondary school kids still have to carry loads of books to school? Give me a break! Who created the educational content? (Old tired Professors) Are they from the industries? (Of course not) They are just old tired professors who have been teaching in universities for years. These are the people that resist change. They refuse to learn new stuff in order to continue teaching. If it’s too much they will leave their job too. Do you think they want to learn at the current age where their life is about to expire? What do they know of the industry’s skills requirement? How about the middle age lecturers/professors? Will they accept the change? Maybe some of them, but most of them will not. They do not earn that much (salary is based on ranks) to absorb the change, to go through the learning curve again! So many issues, huge headaches for the government, they have other economic issues to manage, the best is to stay as is until the unemployment rate exploded in their faces! 

We’re here to fill the gaps that exist between the current educational content and the industry needs via strategic programs that are recognized and accredited worldwide to ensure that graduates are certified. When the skilled graduates and certified graduates started leaving the country to work abroad, then only the politician will wake up from his / her deep sleep. The youths who work abroad are actually enriching the economies of other countries. When they are comfortable living abroad, highly unlikely they will return to their home country. Its goodbye forever! 


I’d like to continue with the trend today, education is going virtual.  I’ve seen this coming before this crazy pandemic started to emerge early this year.  I’ve written a few books in 2016 and something just drives me to start writing more books in 2019.  Suddenly the virus started crawling as I was writing more books to support the certification business.  The broad area of certifications encompassing several domain areas of specialization that are offered via The American Academy of Project Management and the Global Academy of Finance and Management may not necessarily be offered by other professional body.  The other factor is the huge cost-savings. Compare this with the standard 4-day instructor-led certification course,  the GAFM digital certification represents a huge cost-savings of at least 50 percent, what  matters is that you get to earn the certification at an affordable price and in the comfort of your home.  We have to change the way we work, the way we think, and the practical method  to acquire certification. 

Visit here to get the certification you need:  https://gafm.com.my/digital-certification/

Wishing you the best  in your future undertakings, and stay safe during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Zulk Shamsuddin, PhD


Director of Training and Certifications, delivering strategic training courses and professional certification programs including project management, risk management, and financial management courses. 30+ years project management and risk management experience. Speaker : Global Academy of Finance and Management
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