Why take professional certifications from the Global Academy of Finance and Management ® ?

As the global, not-for-profit professional association GAFM® / AAPM® is interested in the recognition and on-going support to individuals and the larger community.  As GAFM® / AAPM® is a global organization, you can have confidence that your GAFM® / AAPM® professional certification will be recognized wherever you go, not just where a particular training provider is known. As a not-for-profit organization, you know that we are here to recognize and support your career in business analysis, not to make a profit from you. By becoming certified by GAFM® / AAPM®, you are not only being recognized for your accomplishments, you are also demonstrating your commitment and support to the global community, as represented by GAFM® / AAPM®.  

Many individuals and their employers seek recognition for the skills, experience, and expertise they have gained within their field. Professional certification is a designation earned by an individual identifying that the individual has the requisite skills, experience, and expertise. Certifications are generally earned from a professional society with a certifying body, and are usually granted based on a combination of education, experience, and knowledge, rather than solely by passing an exam. In addition, the process of developing, administering and maintaining the certification is done to international standards. Finally, many professional certifications are used as “post-nominal letters‟, meaning that they are included after the person‟s name (e.g. Joe Smith, ABC).

How long before I receive my official designation or board certification document?   Certification Document processing normally takes a minimum of 3-4 weeks after you have met the accredited education and assessment requirements where you have been approved. You receive handsome membership document along with the certification document that you have been qualified and approved to receive. You may have also requested a Fellow of the Academy document.

  • When can I start to use my designation?   Immediately after approval, GAFM ® / AAPM ® applicants receive confirmation of the acceptance of your membership or you have successfully registered for certification after completing a qualified and recognized executive program.
  • What are the requirements for Certification? If an individual working as a business professional has one of the following qualifications, you may immediately apply for board certification and qualification if you have completed accredited exams, courses and degrees from an: ACBSP, AACSB, EQUIS or CHEA approved double accredited business-related degree. Alternatively, you may have sat for a training and certification program conducted by GAFM ® / AAPM ®  accredited training providers in your country and pass the examination. The requirements for certification includes successful completion the online certification via GAFM Digital Certification services and your application for certification has been accepted by the certification training provider for Board approval.    
  • How is the International Board of Standards – GAFM ® Structured? The IBS – GAFM is a graduate professional Certifying Body and Society governed by the IBS International Board of Standards and Presidential Advisors and a membership code of ethics and standards of practice. The GAFM is a legally chartered entity founded and operated in the USA while promoting over 1000 non-profit accredited educational bodies. Some international Modules act as a ‘society’ or non-profit association at the accredited business or law school. At all times the GAFM and the good standing of members is subject to the laws of the land and to policies of the Board of Standards. The Academy’s authority and certifications are structurally based the dictates or dictum of the US Supreme Court case (Ibanez vs. Florida and the Peel Case) & these cases illustrate general regulations, criteria, and policy of the GAFM marks in respect to quality standards and assurance for board certification such as education, experience, assessment, ethics, & continuing education.
  • How and when was the GAFM ® Management Board founded? The GAFM was founded in 1996, via a merger between the Condor Falcon Graduate Institute of Management and independent Board of Standards. The GAFM was originally established as a professional organization for investment managers, business consultants, engineers, military, and analysts. The merger of these two entities memberships provided a cross-discipline association, a laser focus on industry specialization, a high-level product line of training and graduate-level-certification opportunities, and a strong reach to a mature membership platform.
  • How many members are in the Global Academy of Finance and Management? The GAFM ® has grown quickly and recently has held over 110,000 PhDs, Lawyers, MBA’s, CPAs, ACBSP and AACSB Graduates, Masters Degree Holders, candidates, and executive members in over 151 nations. GAFM takes pride in holding a membership with superior qualifications, experience, and designations. The GAFM has stated that it wishes to grow that membership to 200,000 within 3 years and current growth is tracking against that objective.
  • What are the benefits of being a member of the GAFM ®?  
  • The key benefit for Certification Holders is obviously the ability to add a professional designation & post-nominal to your list of resume qualifications and display this on your business card, letter head, email signature, C.V. etc. For most individual certification is one of the key drivers of membership and the pursuit of higher education through the GAFM accepted programs
  • Access to one the Top Graduate Management networks around the globe
  • An online system that may confirm your membership and certification to employers or other interested parties.
  • Identical qualification received as those received by a graduate of a top-US business school program (in the case of the MPM offered to graduates of top schools in the USA, India, Arabia, UK, China and Asia for members)
  • Recognition by alliance partners, corporate sponsors or multiple government bodies
  • Global Conferences and Networking Events www.GAFM.org
  • Opportunities to network with charter holders and members throughout the world , Access to the GAFM Global Jobs Systems Online
  • Use of GAFM ® Professional Designations after your name on your Business Card and on your Promotional Materials.
  • Professionally promote and illuminate your graduate education, hard work, accredited education, and specializations.
  • Protect your job with an independent, recognized and global society and authority
  • Digital Competitiveness – You can add GAFM ® to your Online Resume & Improve your image and salary potential
  • Handsome membership and Certification Documents suitable for framing shipped to you.
  • Use of the GAFM ® ˙ Research, Publications and Web Tools
  • Global Verification of Members for Employment
  • Ability to be listed on our employment certification verification web registry and possibly become a committee member.
  • Possibility to earn further GAFM ® graduate certification or charter in areas of: Quality, Service/Process, HR, Marketing, and Planning.
  • Become a Fellow of the Academy
  • Free Digital Books and Tools for Members
  • Access to the GAFM body of knowledge including articles, scorecards, calculators, simulators and other tools available exclusively to GAFM members online

How to acquire any of these certifications?  Procedures are clearly described on each page of the certification product.  Email your C.V or Resume with your full name, postal address, mobile number to certification@gafm.com.my

Why do I need to provide my mobile number?   This is the number that the courier services personnel will use to contact you in the event the certification documents cannot be delivered to the address you indicated in the Mandatory Candidate Information.

How do I study?   An eBook will be provided, questions will be based on the information in this ebook.  The eBook (if available) will be provided FREE to successful candidates based on these conditions:  i)  when application for certification has been accepted   ii) when payment has been made 

If an eBook is not available, an alternative study method is via video tutorial. 

How long is the duration of study?  There is no timeline, you decide what is best for you.

How do I take the exam?  When you’re ready to take the exam, kindly email us to request for the examination questions.

How is the exam structured?  The examination comprised of 40 multiple choice questions. 

What is the passing grade?  The minimum passing grade is 70%.

When will I know the result of the exam?  Within 72 hours

What if I failed in the first attempt?  You can request to re-sit the exam for as many times as you need.

Will there be any additional cost to re-sit the exam?  No additional cost

When will I receive the certification documents?  Within 4 weeks from the date of passing the examination or from the date payment is received if you are qualified for an exemption. 

What is the validity period of the certification?   Two years

What is the validity period of the membership with GAFM® or AAPM®   Two years

How do I renew my membership?  You will be notified few weeks ahead of your expiration date. Renewal fee is USD 228 per year, a new certification and membership certificate will be issued and shipped to your mailing address. 

  • Renewal of GAFM / AAPM membership (USD 228 per annum) that must be done at GAFM Website (www.GAFM.com) does not include a Membership Card. 
  • If you require a new Membership card upon renewal of your membership, email to info@gafm.com.my and include a PDF copy of your card and shipping address.  We will issue a quotation of the cost involved to issue the  membership card.

Does GAFM® or AAPM® conduct the examination? GAFM® accredited training providers conduct assessment of candidate’s application for certification which include examination.