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IPMC ™ AAPM® Global Board of Standards issues the Accredited Agile Project Manager™ Online Certification    

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Study method: Self-paced learning style with the aid of a Guide book, this book may not be provided for some courses.  If a guide book is not available, you may need to browse through videos available on YouTube if necessary however individual with sufficient experience while performing his/her role as an agile project manager or scrum master will not face any difficulties in taking the exam.  

Requirements:   i)  Diploma / Degree             ii) 3+ years experience in agile Scrum project management             iii)  Pass the AAPM examination 

To qualify for the Accredited Agile Project Manager™ certification, you need to complete the following steps:

  1. Complete the Mandatory Candidate Information (MCI) 
  2. Complete the payment upon receipt of the invoice ;  Password will be provided to download the eBook once payment is received.
  3. Take the examination when you’re ready. 

Examination: email to request the link to the examination questions when you are ready to take the exam.  Although you can take the exam at anytime we encourage you to complete the exam within 10 days from the date you have successfully registered in this course.  The examination comprised of 50 questions; Passing grade is 70%.  You will be given a second attempt at no additional charge should you fail in the examination. 

Course fee:  Includes Accredited Agile Project Manager certificate, APPM membership, Examination, and shipping.  

Mandatory Candidate Information : please include the Title of the Certification that you wish to apply in the subject line when submitting the following information and attach a latest copy of your C.V. email to  

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2) Shipping Address:  Country , Address Line 1,  Address Line 2,  City,  State / Capital,  Zip code 

3) Name on Certificate:   (indicate the name that you wish to print on the certificate, as per the letter case indicated here)

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The AAPM® AMERICAN ACADEMY OF PROJECT MANAGEMENT ® GAFM/IBS International Board of Standards  is  the first graduate global Board of Standards for project management industry professionals to earn Accreditation under the TUV-OE European Standards for ISO 9001 Certification and ISO 29990 Certification. AAPM is also a chartered member of the CHEA  Council for Higher Education Accreditation – International Quality Group (CHEA/CIQG) Memorandum of Affiliation is designed to engage quality assurance and accrediting organizations in a shared effort to affirm and promote fundamental principles for higher education quality.

Who is eligible to take this course: Candidate with experience in Agile project management and familiar with Scrum Body of Knowledge  is strongly encouraged to apply for this certification.  Agile SCRUM project management is a methodology for managing software delivery that comes under the broader umbrella of agile project management. It provides a lightweight process framework that embraces iterative and incremental practices, helping organizations deliver working software more frequently. Projects progress via a series of iterations called Sprints; at the end of each Sprint the team produces a potential deliverable.  

Content of the book: 

The AGILE SCRUM Project Management :  What is Agile Scrum Project Management, Scrum Principles, Aspects, and Processes, benefits of Agile against Waterfall SDLC method.

SCRUM Project Structure In this module we will be discussing the various facets of a Scrum project organization as well as core and non-core roles and how to form a high performance Scrum Teams, roles of team members,  the artifacts, meetings, definitions and commonly used terminologies.

Initiating the Project This module includes the processes related to initiation of a project: Create Project Vision, Identify Scrum Master and Stakeholders, Form Scrum Team, Develop Epics, Create Prioritized Product Backlog, and Conduct Release Planning.

Planning and Estimating The Plan and Estimate phase consists of processes related to planning and estimating tasks, which include Create User Stories, Approve, Estimate, and Commit User Stories, Create Tasks, Estimate Tasks, and Create Sprint Backlog. 

Implementation The Implement phase is related to the execution of the tasks and activities to create a project’s product. These activities include creating various deliverables, conducting Daily Standup Meetings, and grooming (i.e., reviewing, fine-tuning, and regularly updating) the Product Backlog at regular intervals.

Review and Retrospect The Review and Retrospect phase is concerned with reviewing the deliverables and the work that has been done and determining ways to improve the practices and methods used to do project work.

Release The Release phase emphasizes delivering the accepted deliverables to the customer and identifying, documenting, and internalizing the lessons learned during the project.   


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