Project Planner vs Project Manager

The origin of the terms, project planner and project manager, helps define the differences between the two disciplines. To plan is about organizing, arranging, designing, preparing and scheduling. While to manage is about leading, supervising and administrating. These are two different roles that are sometimes accomplished solely by the project manager, but often are distinct roles on larger projects.

Project Planner:

  • Work with a Project Manager
  • Plan and track costs
  • Estimage costs
  • Maintain schedules
  • Keep project resources on track
  • Provide regular project updates
  • Maintain contact with project staff
  • Intercede to settle conflicts with project staff

Project Manager:

  • Work with or as the Project Planner
  • Leads the team responsible for project outcomes
  • Initiate the project
  • Plan the project
  • Execute the project management plan
  • Monitor and control the project
  • Close the project
  • Resolve conflict
  • Manage stakeholder expectations

Email to with your name and contact number with subject “Master Project Planner”. Certification is a mark of distinction. It sets the credentialed individual and his/her workplace apart from others in the same profession. A certified individual communicates that he or she has attained a certain level of expertise and is committed to maintaining the highest level of professionalism.  This certification course provides you with the opportunity to earn the globally recognized credential from The American Academy of Project Management that you are certified as a professional Project Planner. 

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