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certification make the difference

Certification will differentiate you from the crowd, from thousands of applications eyeing on that single job opening, you stand tall above the rest. 

What is the objective of getting a job? To earn some money, buy things, lead a lifestyle, make more money, vacation, the list goes on. We also need to put some money aside for education, not just for our kids but for ourselves. I used to attend numerous training courses, they are just a certificate of attendance or completion. There is no assessment, so it does not carry weight when I submitted a job application. Back then to earn certification is not that costly, but because of the depreciation of our currency, the cost keeps escalating. I want to keep the cost down despite the struggling currency that I have no control of. Someday we will leave this planet, when I leave this beautiful planet at least I have helped many individuals to acquire professional certification at an affordable price, a price that nobody has ever thought that it is within their budget. I want to make this affordable for everyone, the choice is yours… you can spend a few thousand dollars to earn the certificate. A friend sitting next to you at the office is paying a few hundred dollars for the same certificate, i.e. from the same professional body/organisation.

Of course, in-house corporate programs cost more, trainers cost, facilities, materials, and other expenses. If your objective is just to earn the certification, knowing that you have the necessary qualification and experience, but you don’t have the time to attend the class, the only option is to take it online. If you do not have working experience then it is highly unlikely you will be offered to sit for any certification courses. You need a degree and several years of working experience to qualify. You need to possess at least one accredited and globally recognized certification to apply for jobs abroad being the US, Europe, or elsewhere. If you don’t have this, it is highly unlikely that you will get your applications shortlisted. You may think that since you have secured a job now, getting certified is optional, think again when you are out of job for whatever reasons, then you start to feel the pressure to secure another job. Competition is intense out there, connections come handy but not everyone has strong cable these days. When you look at job adverts, although they did not explicitly mention that you must be certified to apply for the job opening, they do filter candidates based on these criteria when it comes to shortlisting thousands of candidates.

 It is a small investment, recently a candidate who has obtained a certification as a Certified Planning Engineer (CPE) was offered a better job within three months after he secured the title CPE. He recovered the investment in a very short time. The additional salary he obtained has covered the cost of this certification in just under 2 months. If he did not make this move, he wouldn’t have landed a new job with a much better salary package.  

  Certification Make The Difference !

When there are thousands of professionals with strong international certifications behind them, the country can position its resources to promote products and services abroad with less resistance. Of course, the certifications must be recognized internationally, it must be accredited programs and not any company that self-accredited their courses! Please beware that they use the term “Certified” in their promotional advertisement to get your attention. They are not representing a professional body that is recognized via an independent entity! 

Certification courses offered by some training companies locally are authorized to conduct only exam preparation courses. After completion of these prep courses, the examination needs to be taken elsewhere. On the contrary, GAFM Academy is authorized to run the full certification inclusive of examination for The American Academy of Project Management certifications, and The Global Academy of Finance and Management GAFM certifications. We are the one-stop center since 2009, a few hundred vendors of Malaysia National Automotive Manufacturer have benefited from our certifications.
This is the only place for you to get the certification that you desire at an affordable price. Compare this with the standard 4-day instructor-led certification course,  the online certification represents a huge cost-savings of  at least 70 percent, what  matters is that you can earn the certification at a very low price.  We have to change the way we work, the way we think, and the cost-effective method  to acquire education.  

We are responsive to demands in the market, please share with us should you need a  certification but is not listed under the online certifications.  We will be happy to accommodate your requirement if there is such a certification registered within The American Academy of Project Management portfolio of certifications.

Wishing you the best  in your future undertaking. 

Program Management Consultant

AAPM Certifications


How do i register?
What is included in the online certification package?
How do i make the payment?

 To Register, you need to provide the last 4 digits of your NRIC number in addition to the Mandatory Candidate Information (MCI) as described on the certification page.  Follow the steps described on the certification page.

Online Certification Package includes: 

  1. Registration, certification, examination, and shipping cost
  2. AAPM accredited certificate that is printed in the United States and ship within three weeks from completion date of the course. 
  3. AAPM membership certificate 
  4. A guide book to assist in the examination is provided in digital format that is available for download and print.
  5. Access to the online examination that can be taken when you’re ready. 

Payment : Credit / Debit card is accepted via the online payment system.  You can request payment via wire transfer, details will be provided in the email. 

Time is money

Productive, successful people don’t get sucked into social media

Being on social media—checking notifications Facebook, scrolling through pictures on Instagram, reading quick updates on Twitter, whatever—it’s part of everyday life. But if you don’t control how much time you spend on it, the hours will fly by and you won’t have accomplished anything on your to-do list.

So either put a time limit on it—set an alarm for when you need to minimize it, close the app, do something else—or only get on after completing necessary work projects. Use social media as a reward.



Director of Training and Certifications, delivering strategic training courses and professional certification programs including project management, risk management, and financial management courses. 30+ years project management and risk management experience. Speaker : Global Academy of Finance and Management

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