The Registered Administrative Professional ™ (RAP) is a professional certification for individuals with skills and experience in office administrative functions.  These skills include office administration, events coordination, time management, resource management, office applications, and business communication.  It forms the basis of the assessment that applicants must pass to gain the Registered Administrative Professional status and inclusion in the Register of The GAFM Academy of Finance and Management ® Directory of Certified Professionals. 

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Role of an Administrative Professional

Administrative Professionals manage the daily tasks of a company or organization by providing administrative and clerical support. The duties and responsibilities of an Administrative Officer typically include:

  • Monitoring and procuring office and pantry stock.
  • Keeping business documents organised and secure.
  • Reserving venues for meetings and events.
  • Scheduling activities on the company calendar.
  • Distributing reports, memos, and other correspondence to departments.
  • Operating office equipment like printers and photocopiers.
  • Ensuring that health and safety standards are met in the workplace.
  • Making arrangements for staff travel and accommodations.
  • Greeting and directing visitors, answering phone inquiries and handling complaints in a courteous, professional manner.
  • Ensuring office supplies are maintained, including checking inventory and working with vendors to ensure adequate levels of necessary supplies at all times.
  • Occasionally travelling off-site to deliver reports or files to other departments
  • Ensuring the confidentiality and security of files and filing systems.
  • Coordinating schedules, arranging meetings, distributing memos and reports and ensuring that everyone is kept current with necessary company news and information
  • Operating copy equipment, fax machines, printers or other equipment necessary

Their particular duties depend on the nature of the industry they work in. However, they may also act as a help desk for employees, helping them resolve concerns, and process requests for budgets and supplies. They may be tasked to handle external relations, answer client’s queries, book appointments, and work out deals with suppliers. Because of this, they need strong interpersonal and organisational skills.

Study method:  e-Book

Requirements:   i)  Diploma / Degree        ii) 3+ years experience   iii)  Pass the examination

Examination: 40 questions; Passing grade is 70%. 

Course fee:  includes the Registered Administrative Professional certificate,  endorsement training certificate, and certification card.

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